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Tanguay & Zolak Monday Recap 11/2

Tanguay began today's show with information on the reported contract extension for Celtics PG Rajon Rondo. The deal is for 5 years and $55 million but was not complete as of 10 this morning.

We talked with the man who 1st reported the deal, Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports...Listen to the Interview

Donny Marshall, Celtics Analyst for Comcast Sportsnet called in with more on the Rondo deal and also commented on Gary's decision to wear white sneakers and black socks today (see photo below)...Listen to the Interview

We switched gears to football and listened to some of the memorable calls of the week in our "Sounds of Sunday" and asked the question...Did you find yourself rooting for Brett Favre yesterday?

The results of this week's NFL Picks where Tanguay gained some ground on a bad week for all:

           Week           Season

Zolak       1-3            16-12

Tanguay   2-2            14-14

Louth       1-3            11-17

Cattles     1-3            18-10

Intern Joe 1-3             9-7

Coming up Tuesday we hit some hot stove baseball as the rumors are heating up about possibilities for the Red Sox.

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Tanguay & Zolak Recap Wednesday 10/28

Today on the show the boys had a bunch of stuff to get to.  First up, they broke down the Celtics season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers and how important the bench was.  Marquis Daniels seemed to impress and fans were confident the C's will do well this season.

Also on the show, we had Marc Spears on to talk about the latest on Rajon Rondo and Glen "Big Baby" Davis.  Spears spoke with Baby on Tuesday and told us that the forward was adamant that he wasn't drunk during the incident that caused him to break his thumb.  On Rondo, Spears had some interesting news that had developed in the past 24 hours.  What was that news?  You'll want to hear the Podcast!  

Another reason to listen to the Spears interview?  Comcast Sportsnet's Donny Marshall was listening to the show and called in, talking with Gary and Marc for a three-man breakdown of Rondo, "Baby" and the C's.

The Boston Celtics, however, wasn't the only topic the boys tackled.  We had Bruins Defenseman Derek Morris on to talk about the team's recent turnaround.  Morris blamed it on a slow start and thought that starting at home might have been detrimental rather than an advantage for the team.

Finally, the topic that really got things boiling was, is the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry alive again?  Why do you hate or not hate the Yankees as Red Sox fans?  Also, Yankees fans called in and shared their opinion.

Join us tomorrow when Dan Shaughnessy is in studio at noon and Jon Heyman from Sports Illustrated calls in.  We'll also have Bill Belichick's press conference from Foxboro, talk Word Series Game 1 and the Celtics home opener.  That all comes up on Thursday with Tanguay and Zolak on 98-5 The Sports Hub, 10am-2pm.
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Tanguay & Zolak Recap Tuesday 10/27

It was all Celtics all the time on Tanguay & Zolak with the late breaking news on Big Baby Davis and Rajon Rondo.  How did Davis break his thumb?  Is his maturity level where it needs to be?  And what are the Celtics going to do with their bench minutes now that it looks like Baby will miss at least six weeks.

As for Rajon Rondo, his agent came out last night and was quoted as saying his player believes he should be paid amongst the top five of NBA point guards.  Does Rondo deserve that kind of money?  Why would the Celtics pay him now?  And, is Rondo's maturity as much of an issue as Baby's?

The boys had three heavy hitting guests today to answer all those questions and more.  Celtics Comcast Sportsnet play-by-play man Mike Gorman, Foxsports.com's Jeff Goodman and Jackie Macmullan all broke down the Davis situation, the Rondo contract and the beginning of the Celtics 2009-2010 season. You can hear these interviews here: http://www.cbssports.com/local/bost

Tomorrow we're live at the CBS Scene and take a look back at the Celtics season opener vs. the Cavs and talk about what else is going on in the world of sports.  Join Tanguay and Zolak on 98-5 The Sports Hub from 10a-2pm.
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Tanguay & Zolak Recap Friday 10/23

It was an 80's and Christmas music Friday, with Doc Rivers joining the boys at 10:30 today and gave us plenty to talk about.  According to the coach, Rajon Rondo has been a great teammate this preseason and will be a Celtic for life, Rasheed has been the perfect locker room guy and Marquis Daniels is a difference maker for this team and roster.

Also on the show, Tanguay and Zolak broke down the trip the Pats had to take to London this week and pondered if an NFL team would work in London?  The boys also spoke about the game, as both expect New England to get the job done.  Oh yeah, and this Sunday could be big for Laurence Maroney and Brandon Tate.

Finally, we heard from Nick Cattles with the Fantasy Foreplay and picked some crucial NFL games this weekend. 

Join us on Monday when we talk Pats-Bucs and take a look at where this team is heading into the bye.


                                                          Zolak                     Tanguay               Louth                    Cattles      Joe (The Intern)

New England @ TB (+15.5)                   Patriots                    Patriots               Patriots                Patriots         Patriots

Saints @ Miami (+7)                            Saints                     Dolphins              Dolphins               Saints           Saints

Minnesota @ Pittsburgh (-5.5)             Steelers                    Steelers               Steelers                Steelers        Vikings

Chicago @ Cincinnati (-1)                    Bengals                    Bengals                 Bears                   Bengals        Bengals


Season Totals                                      11-9                        9-11                      8-12                       13-7                5-3

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Cattles' Corner - Observations from C's Media Day

So after a long day at the station and finishing up Pats-Falcons talk, I decided to head over to Waltham and check out Celtics Media Day.  I figured that it'd be a little hectic and somewhat rushed and I was right.  Covering a local team is always interesting.  You have the athletes being hurried around from location to location by their own individual PR people, as us in the media scurry to get some quotes.  To the Celtics credit, the organization kept things pretty orderly and the two hours went by much more peaceful than I had expected.  Here's some observations:

1) This team's Huge.  I know, it's the NBA...But the C's are big.  The first player I ran into was Rasheed Wallace and the cat's no joke.  Not only 7' tall, but thick.  Being up close really gives you an idea of what kind of special athletes NBA players are.  Back to the size of this team.  Looking at Perk, KG and Wallace is obvious, but I'm writing about others guys as well.  Marquis Daniels is a bit longer than you'd think and as we all know by now, Pierce is a big '3'.  When you add along Shelden Williams, you get where I'm going.

2) The chemistry off the court is real.  In an area where only limited media was around, Pierce, Ray Allen and Doc joked with each other looking like friends hanging out at the neighborhood courts down the street.  You get the feeling that these guys truly get along.

3) Marquis Daniels has a presence about him.  Can't totally explain it like I want to be able to, but he comes across as a star...And I'm not talking about being "Hollywood", I mean it in a good way.  You also can't help but notice his tatoo's...In a world of ink, his stand out.

4) I couldn't help but laugh at a story fellow producer Jim Louth told me, while I was watching something else for a minute...A photographer showing Kendrick Perkins how he wanted the big man to shuffle his feet, while dribbling...Perk to his credit did it well, but that didn't stop me from being entertained once I turned to watch.

5) Tommy Heinsohn stood above the floor looking down at the scene and it struck me as incredibly memorable...The wise Hall of Fame Celtic looking down at the present day crop of talent and taking it all in.

6) There's a Banner on the wall that caught my attention.  Why?  Well, you remember all those stories a couple of years ago about the spotlight on the wall?  This is somewhat the same thing, but with a twist.  The Banner that hangs next to the 2008 Championship Banner sits blank, waiting for some stitching to be done.  Looks like this team's trying to tell us something early.

7) Ok, KG's seriously intense.  You feel his intensity when he walks by you.  You see it in his television promos.  One promo I specifically recall...There's a few sitdown interviews and promos being done in this secluded area and over all the busy noise going on you hear this ridiculously loud "pop" that echoed through the entire gym...The pop was KG smacking the ball between his two hands.  It was so loud it caused almost everyone to spin and look...Can't imagine being this guy's teammate.

8) Mike Sweetney is a beast...That size I wrote about in my first observation....Let's just say Sweetney helps that category.

9) My final observation?  I like this team...I really like this team.  It's such a collection of talent and size that you can't even think of calling me a "homer".  Today, if not for anything else, got me truly excited to watch this NBA season unfold....

Nick Cattles, Producer

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