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Posted on: October 17, 2009 9:27 am
Edited on: October 17, 2009 9:28 am

Cattles' Corner - Week 6 Fantasy Mailbag

First off, thanks everyone for some great questions this week and I hope my suggestions help.  Remember, if you've got any problems heading into Week 7, feel free to send me an email at nick@985thesportshub.com.  Oh yeah, and remember to listen to the Fantasy Foreplay every Friday on Tanguay and Zolak.  Let's go...

Q. I'm trying to sell high on Clinton Portis, would Portis/E. Royal or D. Avery for B.Jacobs/T.O. be a good trade? - Brian

A.  Brian, the schedule for Portis gets a little bit more difficult down the stretch this season, the same could be said for Jacobs.  To me, that's a wash.  So it comes down to Avery or Royal vs. T.O.  I'm not big on any of them, but think if Marc Bulger could stay healthy, which is a big if, D. Avery will start to show up in the box score more.  If you have faith in T.O. turning it around or getting traded, and quite frankly I don't, then I'd take the risk and trade.  If not, stay put.

Q.  My team is 1-4 and I'm looking for a shake-up.  This is the deal offered:  I'd give up Kevin Smith, Glen Coffee and Mike Sims-Walker, while getting back Steven Jackson, Fred Jackson and DeSean Jackson.  What do you think? - Alex

A.  Hey Alex, first off, to me it's weird that if you made the deal you'd be getting three Jackson's back, but that's just me  Steven Jackson is really the critical part of this deal.  He is on an awful team, but if Bulger plays that'll help.  If you also look at his schedule for the remainder of the season it might spell success.  The wideouts are a tough call.  I like DeSean Jackson, especially with McNabb back.  But as long as Mike Sims-Walker doesn't get to bed late and miss games, his schedule is softer than Downy.  In a part not included in this question, you also have DeAngelo Williams in your backfield.  So, to me, a backfield of Williams and Steven Jackson is too good to pass up.  Hope that Steven starts chugging along...

Q. Who to start:  Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brian Westbrook or Tim Hightower? - JC
A.  JC, out of the New York backfield I like Bradshaw.  Jacobs hasn't done a heck of a lot lately, so I think the Giants will ride the hot hand.  However, if I was you, I'd start Hightower and Westbrook.  Hightower, even if he doesn't run a ton, he's got the chance for a TD and a bunch of catches out of the backfield.  A healthy Westbrook should feast on Oakland.

Q.  Who to start?  Maclin or Manningham (starting D. Jackson)?  Marshawn Lynch over Steven Jackson or Chris Johnson?  Dustin Keller or Marcedes Lewis? - Matthew

A.  Matthew, I'd start Manningham over Maclin, if you're already playing D. Jackson.  I don't like starting two WR's from the same team, no matter what the match up is.  I wouldn't start Lynch over Jackson or Johnson, due to Lynch' face off with the Jets.  I think the Jets are going to come out breathing fire after stumbling the past couple of weeks.  I do like Keller against that terrible Buffalo D'.  With Sims-Walker back in the mix, I think Lewis sees less targets.

Q.  Tom Brady vs. Tennessee or Matt Hasselbeck vs. Arizona? - Larry

A.  Larry, this is tough, but I've got to go Brady.  Unless the weather is monsoon-like tomorrow at Gillette, you have to believe that Sunday is the day that Brady lets it loose.  The Hasselbeck match up is great, but in this case I'd go with the better QB against one of the worst secondaries I've seen.

Good luck everyone, see you in Week 7!

Nick Cattles, Producer
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