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Posted on: October 16, 2009 2:19 pm
Edited on: October 16, 2009 2:23 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Friday Recap 10/16

Do the Pats need to throttle the Titans on Sunday, or is a win a win?  Well, on today’s Tanguay and Zolak show the boys disagreed.   If it was up to Gary, he would just wish for a win.  Zo, instead, was going full throttle and told our listeners he thought it was time for the Pats offense to open things up.

To talk about the game, we had former Maryland Terrapin and Titan Tight End Frank Wycheck on the show.  Zo and Frank reminisced about their days as Terps.  According to Wycheck, the Titans are better than an 0-5 team, Vince Young isn’t ready yet and that the game Sunday is going to be a tight one.

Also on the show was Bert Breer from The Sporting News.  Breer spoke about the state of the Pats heading into Sunday’s game, as well as predicting the game could get ugly early.  On top of that, Breer also brought up an intriguing wide receiver name that may find himself in New England – Roscoe Parrish of the Buffalo Bills.

Towards the end of the show, we heard from Nick Cattles with his Fantasy Foreplay and then the boys picked this week’s games.  This is what they looked like:

                                                          Zolak                     Tanguay               Louth                    Cattles      Joe (The Intern)

Vikings -3 vs Ravens                       Vikings                   Ravens                 Vikings                  Vikings           Ravens

Saints -3 vs Giants                           Giants                     Giants                   Giants                     Saints              Giants

Falcons -3 vs Bears                          Falcons                  Falcons                Bears                       Bears               Falcons

Patriots -9.5 @ Titans                     Patriots                  Titans                   Patriots                  Patriots            Patriots


Season Totals                                    9-7                          7-9                           7-9                           11-5                     2-2

Coming up Monday we recap the Patriots / Titans game with your calls!

Posted on: October 10, 2009 3:17 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Recap Friday 10/9

The boys were bitter to begin the show after staying up past midnight to watch a Red Sox loss in game 1 against the Angels. Tanguay says not to blame the umpires for the loss. Zolak questions Lester's "Ace" status after he picked up his 3rd straight playoff loss.

Former Red Sox and current analyst for MLB Network, Kevin Millar joined us to recap game 1 and look ahead to game 2. Here's the interview if you missed it http://www.cbssports.com/local/bost

The guys discussed the loss of RB Fred Taylor to an ankle injury and gave their solutions for the running game. Zo thinks Benjarvus Green-Ellis will see some action this week in Taylor's absence.

We let you, the listeners, control the show after 11am and you talked Sox and Pats until we wrapped it up with Nick Cattles' Fantasy Foreplay and our weekly NFL Picks. Here's what they looked like:

                                                       Zolak                     Tanguay               Louth                    Cattles             Joe (The Intern)

Ravens -9 vs. Bengals                        Ravens            Bengals             Bengals             Bengals        Bengals

49ers -2.5 vs Falcons                         Falcons             Falcons             Falcons              49ers           49ers

Colts -4.5 @ Titans                            Colts                Colts                Titans                Colts            Colts

Patriots -3.5 @ Broncos                      Patriots             Patriots             Patriots             Patriots         Patriots


Season Totals                                    7-5                          4-8               5-7                   9-3            0-0

Comin up Monday: We break down Pats / Broncos & Sox /Angels game 3!

Posted on: October 6, 2009 6:38 am

Tanguay & Zolak Recap - Monday 10/5

On Monday's edition of Tanguay and Zolak we broke down the Patriots big win over the Ravens. Zo talked about Pats D that was flying around making plays all day. Gary had to eat crow after talking up the Ravens all week.

From the reaction of the fans and media it seems that this game was a coming out party of sorts for Safety Brandon Merriweather. The listeners were still ripping RB Laurence Maroney for his "dancing" behind the line of scrimmage.

Gary couldn't get over the fact that our Fantasy Guru Nick Cattles went 7 for 8 in his on air starts and sits Friday. He even told you to start the Jacksonville combo of David Garrard and Mike Sims-Walker, who  both had career days Sunday. Tanguay also couldn't believe he went 0-4 in his week 4 picks...here are the results:

             Week           Season

Zolak       2-2              7-5

Tanguay   0-4              4-8

Louth        3-1             5-7

Cattles     4-0              9-3

Coming up Tuesday from 10am-2pm: We break down the Red Sox postseason roster...Is the bench good enough?  We talk with former Angels Utility man and current Color Analyst Rex Hudler at 12noon.

Posted on: October 3, 2009 11:48 am

Tanguay & Zolak Recap 10/2

On Friday’s show, Tanguay and Zolak took a quick look at Jon Lester’s return and the Bruins dissapointing home opener against Washington.

For the remainder of the show, the boys broke down this Sunday’s Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots showdown at Gillette.  Mike Flynn, former Raven, joined us and let us know that Baltimore will go after Brady defensively.

Also on the show was Nick Cattles’ Fantasy Foreplay in which he reminded you of the bye week and who to play in place of your studs.  He also let you know who should be sidelined and why.

Finally, our weekly NFL Picks were made and this is how they stack up:

                                                       Zolak                     Tanguay               Louth                    Cattles

Saints -7 vs.  Jets                           Jets                           Jets                   Saints                    Saints

Cowboys  -3 @ Broncos              Cowboys              Cowboys            Cowboys              Broncos

Steelers -6  vs.  Chargers             Steelers               Chargers             Steelers                Steelers

Ravens @ Pats -2                           Pats                     Ravens                  Pats                      Pats


Season Totals                                    5-3                          4-4                          2-6                          5-3


Coming up on Monday we take a look back at the Patriots vs. Ravens match up and you get your chance to weigh in.

Posted on: September 18, 2009 8:04 pm

Tanguay and Zolak Recap 9/18/09

On Friday’s Tanguay and Zolak show, the boys broke down this coming weekend’s Jets-Patriots matchup in the Meadowlands.  Both felt that the Pats vs. Ravens game in 2007 could draw parallels from thanks to new Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan.  Zolak brought you inside the locker room and the affect that trash talking could have on this game.

Also on the show, Mike Francesca, 20-plus year sports radio host at WFAN in New York joined us at 12:20 to talk Pats, Jets, and if he thought the Red Sox would face the Yankees in the ALCS.  Francesca believes that the Jets may have trouble with Tom Brady, who he calls the best player in the league, and that Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez is nowhere near the character or as well kept as “Broadway” Joe Namath was.

Plus, Zolak got everyone pumped up for Pats / Jets as only Zo can with the song “The Pats are Coming”. Tanguay seemed annoyed, which made Zo continue to demand the song be played.

To close the show, Tanguay and Zolak followed up our new “Fantasy Foreplay” feature with this week’s NFL picks. The producers will make their picks online only just to keep the boys honest.


NFL Picks:                                                Tanguay                 Zolak                 Louth                  Cattles

Pittsburgh  - 3 @ Chicago:                       Pitt -3                     Pitt -3                Chi +3                 Chi +3
San Diego -3 vs. Baltimore:                     Balt +3                   Balt +3               SD -3                   Balt +3 
Dallas -3 vs. New York Giants:                Dal -3                     Dal -3                 Dal -3                 NYG +3
New England -4 @ New York Jets:          NE -4                      NE -4                  NE -4                   NE -4

We'll be back Monday morning at 10am with a complete Patriots / Jets breakdown. Don't miss it!

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