Posted on: September 18, 2009 1:40 pm

Cattles’ Corner – A Fantasy Tradition

One of the best times of year in fantasy comes during week 2 of the season.  Why?  Simply because it’s at that exact time when owners around the world feel anxiety.  Why did Turner look so bad?  Slaton had how many touches?  Forget Slaton, how did Andre Johnson get shut down?  Ahh, the sound of nervousness and worry tied together in one big indigestion knot.  Well, I’m here to tell everyone to wipe your brow and sloooowly step away from the ledge.  It’s only one week!  And yes, a stud or two on your roster might’ve not shown up last Sunday, but that’s all part of the game.

Here’s a couple of running backs you should be concerned about and who shouldn’t cause worry.  Well, as I said during my Fantasy Foreplay on today’s show, I’d sit LT this week and I’d pay close attention to him on a weekly basis.  I know that they played against a decent Oakland line, but Tomlinson has slowly begun to break down the past year or two and getting dinged up in week 1 wasn’t the best start to ’09.

Another guy who I’d look at in the “worry column” is Brandon Jacobs.  Jacobs is heralded and when he plays, he runs hard and produces more times than not.  However, the Giants will give other guys carries (i.e. Bradshaw), the most he’s carried the ball was 219 times last season, and they play in the tough NFC East.  If you picked him in the late second early third, you’ll do ok as long as he’s healthy.  If you went late first to mid-second, I’m not a big fan of that pick.

On the other side, I think Steve Slaton will be fine.  Slaton is coming off a big rookie season where he showed his skill at running and receiving the ball down in Houston.  The one thing that Slaton owners need to show is patience.  If you picked him, I hope you took a look at the Texans early schedule and understood he’d take a bit of time to get going.  A murderer’s row of the Titans, Jaguars, Oakland and even Arizona, who gave up the least amount of rushing yards in week one, is on the docket for the Texans.

The final guy to write down on this space is Matt Forte.  Forte was a no doubt a top 3-4 pick in this year’s drafts and I’m sure some of the truly anxious owners are wondering what the hell happened against Green Bay last week?  Well, what happened was he faced an underrated Packers Defense and his Quarterback Jay Cutler seemingly completed more passes to the Pack than his fellow Bears.  It may not get better quick with Chicago playing Pittsburgh on Sunday, but expect a couple of things.  Expect Forte to kick it up a gear beginning in week three and four when he draws Seattle and Detroit and I’m confident he’ll be more of an option in the passing game after being shut down with zero catches last week.

So, there you have it fellow owners.  We’re only one week deep.  Settle in for the long haul and enjoy.


Nick Cattles, Producer

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