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Posted on: October 10, 2009 3:17 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Recap Friday 10/9

The boys were bitter to begin the show after staying up past midnight to watch a Red Sox loss in game 1 against the Angels. Tanguay says not to blame the umpires for the loss. Zolak questions Lester's "Ace" status after he picked up his 3rd straight playoff loss.

Former Red Sox and current analyst for MLB Network, Kevin Millar joined us to recap game 1 and look ahead to game 2. Here's the interview if you missed it http://www.cbssports.com/local/bost

The guys discussed the loss of RB Fred Taylor to an ankle injury and gave their solutions for the running game. Zo thinks Benjarvus Green-Ellis will see some action this week in Taylor's absence.

We let you, the listeners, control the show after 11am and you talked Sox and Pats until we wrapped it up with Nick Cattles' Fantasy Foreplay and our weekly NFL Picks. Here's what they looked like:

                                                       Zolak                     Tanguay               Louth                    Cattles             Joe (The Intern)

Ravens -9 vs. Bengals                        Ravens            Bengals             Bengals             Bengals        Bengals

49ers -2.5 vs Falcons                         Falcons             Falcons             Falcons              49ers           49ers

Colts -4.5 @ Titans                            Colts                Colts                Titans                Colts            Colts

Patriots -3.5 @ Broncos                      Patriots             Patriots             Patriots             Patriots         Patriots


Season Totals                                    7-5                          4-8               5-7                   9-3            0-0

Comin up Monday: We break down Pats / Broncos & Sox /Angels game 3!

Posted on: October 8, 2009 2:16 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Recap Thursday 10/8

We were in postseason baseball mode today. Tanguay and Zolak broke down the Red Sox / Angels series from all angles. Gary thinks that Josh Beckett is the key to the series. Zo says Jon Lester will be a stud tonight.

Our baseball insider Jon Heyman joined us after spending last night at Yankee Stadium for Game 1. Jon told us that the Angels have a mental block against the Red Sox. He also said that Jason Varitek will be catching Josh Beckett Friday night. 

Dan Shaughnessy joined us from Anaheim and concurred with Heyman about Varitek catching Beckett. Dan tells us not to sleep on the Angels. They are a good team.

Gary and Scott can't believe that Terry Francona would cater to Beckett by having Varitek catch him. The listeners agreed and came out in full force against this move.

Coming up Friday: We break down Red Sox / Angels Game 1 and preview the Pats game in Denver this weekend! 
Posted on: September 22, 2009 6:33 pm

Cattles' Corner - An Embarrassing Display

What happened in last night's Red Sox-Royals game was an embarrassment.  No, I'm not writing about the bullpen imploding, thanks to the continued struggles of the enigmatic Manny Delcarmen.  Nor was it the umpires allowing the game to continue in less than ideal conditions.  What embarrassed me as a Red Sox fan was the fact that Tim Wakefield was on the mound last night.

Hey, I'm not bashing the guy for having enough guts to want to pitch.  I'm not faulting him for wanting to do what he gets paid and loves to do, even if it means dealing with cortisone shots.  As a matter of fact, Wakefield's embarrassment was and is not of his doing.  This dog and pony show was instead brought to you by Terry Francona and the Boston Red Sox "Brain Trust".

An organization that does so many things right, especially on the field, missed the boat on this one.  I actually felt bad watching Wakefield pitch last night.  I applaud him for his desire to perform under unfortunate circumstances, but there has to be a time when the organization and Francona sit the knuckleballer down and tell him he's done for the year.  It's embarrassing and painful to watch one of the most important men to this club over the past ten plus years look like a wounded animal trying to cover home on a passed ball.

This team is making it to the playoffs, no matter how Wakefield's season ends.  If the team wants to give Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, and Clay Buchholz extra rest, I understand.  But it shouldn't be at Wakefield's expense.  I don't care that the medical staff says he can't injure himself any further, isn't it apparent that Wake can't pitch without being in pain and/or discomfort?  And if last night's "Tito keeping him in too long" moment is due to the possibility that Wakefield will retire at year's end and they wanted him to earn a win before saying goodbye, then I'd rather remember him for an All-Star first half than watching this atrocity.

Let Bowden pitch.  Let Byrd pitch.  How about Beckett, Lester, Buchholz, Dice-K, Bowden, and Byrd until the regular season ends?  I'm sure Bowden could give you what Wakefield gave you last night, if not better, against these lesser opponents over the final couple of weeks.  So, why?  Why has this gone on for so long?  For everyone's best interests, especially Tim Wakefield's, it's time to stop this embarrassment.

Nick Cattles, Producer

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