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Posted on: September 25, 2009 2:46 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Recap 9/25

It was a Football Friday on Tanguay and Zolak. The boys broke down the Patriots / Falcons game like only they can. Zo thinks this is a statement game for New England. One that will change people's outlook on where this team slots among the league's elite. Tanguay is worried that a loss could spell disaster and is concerned with Baltimore coming in next week.

The guys were breaking down the QB battle between Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, when Zolak set off a firestorm by saying that Ryan is not a Top 10 NFL QB. BC fans came out in full force to defend the former Eagle.

We were joined by John Kincade of 680 The Fan in Atlanta, who gave us a preview of what to expect on Sunday. Kincade said Matt Ryan has changed the perception of the Falcons in the wake of Michael Vick's fiasco, but said there is still a pretty good base of Vick fans in the ATL.

Nick Cattles told you who to sit and start in our Fantasy Foreplay and the boys made their NFL Picks to finish the show...and us Producers will battle them online all year long:

NFL Picks:                                                Tanguay                 Zolak                 Louth                  Cattles

Vikings - 7 vs 49ers:                                  49ers +7            49ers +7        Vikes -7           Vikes - 7
Jets -2.5 vs. Titans:                                   Titans +2.5        Jets - 2.5        Titans +2.5      Jets - 2.5
Cardinals -2.5 vs. Colts:                             Colts  +2.5         Colts +2.5      Cards -2.5       Cardinals - 2.5
Patriots -4.5 vs Falcons                               NE -4.5              NE -4.5           NE -4.5            NE - 4.5

Season Totals                                            1-3                    1-3                1-3                  3-1   

We'll be back Monday morning at 10am with a complete Patriots / Falcons breakdown. Don't miss it!

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