Posted on: November 2, 2009 4:39 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Monday Recap 11/2

Tanguay began today's show with information on the reported contract extension for Celtics PG Rajon Rondo. The deal is for 5 years and $55 million but was not complete as of 10 this morning.

We talked with the man who 1st reported the deal, Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports...Listen to the Interview

Donny Marshall, Celtics Analyst for Comcast Sportsnet called in with more on the Rondo deal and also commented on Gary's decision to wear white sneakers and black socks today (see photo below)...Listen to the Interview

We switched gears to football and listened to some of the memorable calls of the week in our "Sounds of Sunday" and asked the question...Did you find yourself rooting for Brett Favre yesterday?

The results of this week's NFL Picks where Tanguay gained some ground on a bad week for all:

           Week           Season

Zolak       1-3            16-12

Tanguay   2-2            14-14

Louth       1-3            11-17

Cattles     1-3            18-10

Intern Joe 1-3             9-7

Coming up Tuesday we hit some hot stove baseball as the rumors are heating up about possibilities for the Red Sox.

Posted on: October 30, 2009 2:09 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Recap Friday 10/30

Today on the show, the boys spoke about Pedro's Game 2 performance against the Yankees in the Bronx.  Gary said he didn't pitch well enough and still wanted to rail the righty for his actions while here in Boston.  Zo disagreed, saying Pedro pitched well enough to win and that, mentally, he was the Pedro of old.

Also on the show we were visited by Boston Herald writer Michael Silverman.  Silverman spoke about Pedro and where the World Series stands.  Our other guest today was Don Banks from Sports Illustrated who weighed in on the NFL and where the New England Patriots are right now at the bye week.  Amongst other things, Don liked Green Bay this week in what amounts to a must win game.

Finally, Nick Cattles had his Fantasy Foreplay, now sponsored by Budweiser.  We wrapped up the week with our NFL picks and this is how they stacked up:

                                                          Zolak                     Tanguay               Louth                    Cattles      Joe (The Intern)

Miami Dolphins @ NY Jets (-3.5)             Jets                       Dolphins                Jets                     Dolphins    Dolphins

NY Giants @ Philadelphia (-1.0)            Giants                       Giants                 Giants                 Giants           Giants

Denver Broncos @ Ravens (-3.0)          Ravens                    Broncos                 Ravens                Broncos       Broncos

Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (-3.0)      Packers                    Vikings                 Packers               Packers        Packers


Season Totals                                      15-9                       12-12                   10-14                    17-7               8-4

Join us Monday when we break down the NFL Week 8, the World Series and what the Boston Celtics did over the weekend!

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