Posted on: October 12, 2009 12:35 pm

Tanguay and Zolak Monday Recap 10-12

Well, after a tough Sunday from both the Sox and the Pats the boys took your calls and tried to console a hurt "nation".  Most of the day focused on Jonathan Papelbon and his inability to finish off game three, as some fans even called for trading the All-Star before he hits free agency.  Zo and Tanguay, however, broke the series down and the inability of the lineup to hit against the good Angels pitching.

As our resident football expert, Zo took us inside the game and told us what exactly Tom Brady saw against the Broncos on Sunday.  Why did he miss Welker and Moss?  What's up with the rust?  Zo had the answers, like no one else.  Who would've thought that it'd be Brady and Papelbon that would let the fans of Boston down?  Unfortunately that's what happened and we were there to help you through it.

After week five, this is where we all stand with our NFL Picks:

               Week           Season

Zolak        2-2              9-7

Tanguay   3-1              7-9

Louth        2-2             7-9

Cattles     2-2              11-5

Intern Joe 2-2             2-2

Coming up on Tuesday we take a look ahead and ask what awaits the Red Sox this offseason?             
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