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Posted on: September 28, 2009 6:17 pm

Cattles' Corner - Observations from C's Media Day

So after a long day at the station and finishing up Pats-Falcons talk, I decided to head over to Waltham and check out Celtics Media Day.  I figured that it'd be a little hectic and somewhat rushed and I was right.  Covering a local team is always interesting.  You have the athletes being hurried around from location to location by their own individual PR people, as us in the media scurry to get some quotes.  To the Celtics credit, the organization kept things pretty orderly and the two hours went by much more peaceful than I had expected.  Here's some observations:

1) This team's Huge.  I know, it's the NBA...But the C's are big.  The first player I ran into was Rasheed Wallace and the cat's no joke.  Not only 7' tall, but thick.  Being up close really gives you an idea of what kind of special athletes NBA players are.  Back to the size of this team.  Looking at Perk, KG and Wallace is obvious, but I'm writing about others guys as well.  Marquis Daniels is a bit longer than you'd think and as we all know by now, Pierce is a big '3'.  When you add along Shelden Williams, you get where I'm going.

2) The chemistry off the court is real.  In an area where only limited media was around, Pierce, Ray Allen and Doc joked with each other looking like friends hanging out at the neighborhood courts down the street.  You get the feeling that these guys truly get along.

3) Marquis Daniels has a presence about him.  Can't totally explain it like I want to be able to, but he comes across as a star...And I'm not talking about being "Hollywood", I mean it in a good way.  You also can't help but notice his tatoo's...In a world of ink, his stand out.

4) I couldn't help but laugh at a story fellow producer Jim Louth told me, while I was watching something else for a minute...A photographer showing Kendrick Perkins how he wanted the big man to shuffle his feet, while dribbling...Perk to his credit did it well, but that didn't stop me from being entertained once I turned to watch.

5) Tommy Heinsohn stood above the floor looking down at the scene and it struck me as incredibly memorable...The wise Hall of Fame Celtic looking down at the present day crop of talent and taking it all in.

6) There's a Banner on the wall that caught my attention.  Why?  Well, you remember all those stories a couple of years ago about the spotlight on the wall?  This is somewhat the same thing, but with a twist.  The Banner that hangs next to the 2008 Championship Banner sits blank, waiting for some stitching to be done.  Looks like this team's trying to tell us something early.

7) Ok, KG's seriously intense.  You feel his intensity when he walks by you.  You see it in his television promos.  One promo I specifically recall...There's a few sitdown interviews and promos being done in this secluded area and over all the busy noise going on you hear this ridiculously loud "pop" that echoed through the entire gym...The pop was KG smacking the ball between his two hands.  It was so loud it caused almost everyone to spin and look...Can't imagine being this guy's teammate.

8) Mike Sweetney is a beast...That size I wrote about in my first observation....Let's just say Sweetney helps that category.

9) My final observation?  I like this team...I really like this team.  It's such a collection of talent and size that you can't even think of calling me a "homer".  Today, if not for anything else, got me truly excited to watch this NBA season unfold....

Nick Cattles, Producer

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