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Posted on: November 4, 2009 1:33 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Recap Wednesday 11/4

On the show today we heard from both Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and Quarterback Tom Brady.  Belichick spoke about the challenges that await on Sunday and dismissed the idea of giving his own team's performance a "grade".  Meanwhile, Brady said he expects a physical battle on Sunday and that he feels as good as he has since coming back.

Also on the show, Tanguay and Zolak spoke about Jason Bay and possible Sox offseason moves, the Celtics bench and the team's early success, as well as breaking down the World Series. 

Join us tomorrow, when we have Dan Shaughnessy in studio and baseball insider Jon Heyman at noon.  Have the Phillies forced a game 7?  Will the Red Sox acquire another bat, even if they sign Bay?  And much more, on 98-5 The Sports Hub with Tanguay and Zolak. 

Posted on: October 19, 2009 2:26 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Monday Recap 10/19

There wasn't much to break down from the 59-0 drubbing the Pats gave to the Titans Sunday, but there were some interesting storylines. Tanguay and Zolak talked about the downfall of Adalius Thomas after he was a healthy scratch from the game. We also broke down Laurence Maroney's performance. Was he still dancing?

The guys talked about the offense responding to Bill Belichick's plea for the big play. We heard from Tom Brady and Wes Welker after the game commenting on Belicheck's prodding.

Tanguay did play by play for the Maine / Richmond game on Comcast Sportsnet Saturday. We listened back to the highlights as Gary played Hometown Harry.

Results from this weekend's NFL Picks:

              Week           Season

Zolak       2-2              11-9

Tanguay   2-2              9-11

Louth       1-3              8-12

Cattles     2-2              13-7

Intern Joe 3-1              5-3

Coming up on Tuesday Dan Shaughnessy joins Tanguay & Zolak in studio from 12-2pm before his trip to London for Pats/Bucs!
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Tanguay & Zolak Friday Recap 10/16

Do the Pats need to throttle the Titans on Sunday, or is a win a win?  Well, on today’s Tanguay and Zolak show the boys disagreed.   If it was up to Gary, he would just wish for a win.  Zo, instead, was going full throttle and told our listeners he thought it was time for the Pats offense to open things up.

To talk about the game, we had former Maryland Terrapin and Titan Tight End Frank Wycheck on the show.  Zo and Frank reminisced about their days as Terps.  According to Wycheck, the Titans are better than an 0-5 team, Vince Young isn’t ready yet and that the game Sunday is going to be a tight one.

Also on the show was Bert Breer from The Sporting News.  Breer spoke about the state of the Pats heading into Sunday’s game, as well as predicting the game could get ugly early.  On top of that, Breer also brought up an intriguing wide receiver name that may find himself in New England – Roscoe Parrish of the Buffalo Bills.

Towards the end of the show, we heard from Nick Cattles with his Fantasy Foreplay and then the boys picked this week’s games.  This is what they looked like:

                                                          Zolak                     Tanguay               Louth                    Cattles      Joe (The Intern)

Vikings -3 vs Ravens                       Vikings                   Ravens                 Vikings                  Vikings           Ravens

Saints -3 vs Giants                           Giants                     Giants                   Giants                     Saints              Giants

Falcons -3 vs Bears                          Falcons                  Falcons                Bears                       Bears               Falcons

Patriots -9.5 @ Titans                     Patriots                  Titans                   Patriots                  Patriots            Patriots


Season Totals                                    9-7                          7-9                           7-9                           11-5                     2-2

Coming up Monday we recap the Patriots / Titans game with your calls!

Posted on: October 12, 2009 12:35 pm

Tanguay and Zolak Monday Recap 10-12

Well, after a tough Sunday from both the Sox and the Pats the boys took your calls and tried to console a hurt "nation".  Most of the day focused on Jonathan Papelbon and his inability to finish off game three, as some fans even called for trading the All-Star before he hits free agency.  Zo and Tanguay, however, broke the series down and the inability of the lineup to hit against the good Angels pitching.

As our resident football expert, Zo took us inside the game and told us what exactly Tom Brady saw against the Broncos on Sunday.  Why did he miss Welker and Moss?  What's up with the rust?  Zo had the answers, like no one else.  Who would've thought that it'd be Brady and Papelbon that would let the fans of Boston down?  Unfortunately that's what happened and we were there to help you through it.

After week five, this is where we all stand with our NFL Picks:

               Week           Season

Zolak        2-2              9-7

Tanguay   3-1              7-9

Louth        2-2             7-9

Cattles     2-2              11-5

Intern Joe 2-2             2-2

Coming up on Tuesday we take a look ahead and ask what awaits the Red Sox this offseason?             
Posted on: October 7, 2009 5:20 pm

Tanguay and Zolak Recap Wednesday 10/7

The boys were Live at the CBS Scene at Patriots Place in Foxboro today. Tanguay and Zolak began the show shuffling through a crazy 20 hours in sports since they left the air. Braylon Edwards was dealt from the Browns to the Jets for WR Chansi Stuckey and a couple of picks. Gary and Scott both think it was a good deal for Eric Mangini and the Browns. We also hit on the wild AL Central Tiebreaker Game between the Tigers and Twins and discuss the Yankees choosing Jose Molina over Jorge Posada to catch AJ Burnett.

We switched it up to the Patriots and evaluated the team at the quarter pole of the season. Where do they stack up against the rest of the AFC after 4 weeks?

We stepped aside for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to give their weekly press conferences from Gillette and both gave praise to Broncos HC Josh McDaniels.

After the press conferences, we learned that Pats DT Mike Wright was fined $5,000 for his "roughing the QB" penalty Sunday vs the Ravens. Tanguay and Zolak were shocked that the fine was handed downa and were awaiting the fines for Terrel Suggs and Hloti Ngata.

Bruins Forward Mark Recchi joined the show 12:30pm for our weekly Wednesday Bruins Interview. Mark gave his thoughts on being the old guy on the young B's squad and also shared a funny story about Milan Lucic's mom being only 1 year older than he.

Coming up Thursday: We preview the Red Sox / Angels series with Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman at 12noon and Dan Shaughnessy from Anaheim at 1pm!

Posted on: September 25, 2009 2:46 pm

Tanguay & Zolak Recap 9/25

It was a Football Friday on Tanguay and Zolak. The boys broke down the Patriots / Falcons game like only they can. Zo thinks this is a statement game for New England. One that will change people's outlook on where this team slots among the league's elite. Tanguay is worried that a loss could spell disaster and is concerned with Baltimore coming in next week.

The guys were breaking down the QB battle between Tom Brady and Matt Ryan, when Zolak set off a firestorm by saying that Ryan is not a Top 10 NFL QB. BC fans came out in full force to defend the former Eagle.

We were joined by John Kincade of 680 The Fan in Atlanta, who gave us a preview of what to expect on Sunday. Kincade said Matt Ryan has changed the perception of the Falcons in the wake of Michael Vick's fiasco, but said there is still a pretty good base of Vick fans in the ATL.

Nick Cattles told you who to sit and start in our Fantasy Foreplay and the boys made their NFL Picks to finish the show...and us Producers will battle them online all year long:

NFL Picks:                                                Tanguay                 Zolak                 Louth                  Cattles

Vikings - 7 vs 49ers:                                  49ers +7            49ers +7        Vikes -7           Vikes - 7
Jets -2.5 vs. Titans:                                   Titans +2.5        Jets - 2.5        Titans +2.5      Jets - 2.5
Cardinals -2.5 vs. Colts:                             Colts  +2.5         Colts +2.5      Cards -2.5       Cardinals - 2.5
Patriots -4.5 vs Falcons                               NE -4.5              NE -4.5           NE -4.5            NE - 4.5

Season Totals                                            1-3                    1-3                1-3                  3-1   

We'll be back Monday morning at 10am with a complete Patriots / Falcons breakdown. Don't miss it!

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Posted on: September 23, 2009 10:21 pm

Tanguay & Zolak recap 9/23

Why is Terry Francona still relying on Manny Delcarmen in key situatiions? Tanguay and Zolak began the show discussing that today, which led to the question; What's the pecking order in the Red Sox bullpen for the playoffs? Both Gary and Scott think there are only 3 guys that you trust...Jonathan Papelbon, Daniel Bard and Billy Wagner.

We listened in to both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's press conferences live from Gillette Stadium as the Pats prepare for their game against the Falcons.

Patriots RB Kevin Faulk joined us to talk about the Patriots struggling offense. http://www.cbssports.com/local/bost

Tanguay and Zo then got into a discussion about who's calling the plays on offense and are there too many cooks in the kitchen without an official Offensive Coordinator?

Bruins fans took over the final hour of the show as we listened back to Felger & Massarotti's interview with GM Peter Chiarelli. The boys debated the Phill Kessel trade and whether or not the B's would be a better playoff team without him.

Coming up Thursday...Jon Heyman, Sports Hub Baseball Insider from Sports Illustrated joins us at 12noon...Dan Shaughnessy is in studio from 12-2pm! Don't miss it!
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